Terms and conditions:
With the participation in the tournament you accept  the following Saaleperlen e.V. General Terms and Conditions
The organizing committee is authorized to disqualify either partially or totally any player who does not comply with those Saaleperlen e.V. terms and conditions
The opening hours of the sports hall will be announced on the web page and have to be followed
Upon arrival, all players must check in at the information desk
The order of games will match  the programme schedule as far as possible. However,  timing and order of the matches are preliminary  and may be changed at any time by the organizers in order to garantie the smooth course of the tournament
The organizers may modify the draws and/or groups if necessary
Matches will be self-umpired. In cases of disagreement the decision resides with the organizing committee. In those cases players have to contact the information desk
All players are asked to follow the announcements. Any player not responding to his/her name within 5 minutes can be disqualified by the organizing committee, indepentent of the stage of the competition
Players are requested not to obstruct the sport hall with their bags and not to interfere with other matches
Saaleperlen e.V. and the organizing committee disclaims any liability in cases of stolen, damaged or lost properties
By registering for the tournament every participant confirms to be fully insured or to cover all costs in case of an accident by him/herself
Each player can register for two disciplines (singles and doubles or mixed)
The tournament format will be announced before starting the games
Each player guarantees  to be able to play badmintonat competition level
Players have to register for one of the following categories: :
C-: beginners with little or no tournament experience
C+: advanced beginners/regular players with tournament experience
B-: advanced players with tournament experience
B+: experienced players with tournament experience
The organizing committee reserves the right to categorize players according to already won tournaments
Synthetic shuttlecocks will be provided and used in all categorizes. B+ players can use feather shuttles if both teams agree. Feather shuttles have to be provided by the players

Dein Recht
Wir veröffentlichen Fotos vom Turnier auf unserer Homepage. Wenn Du nicht erscheinen möchtest, gib uns Bescheid! / We publish fotos of the tournament on our website. If you don´t want to appear tell us!
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